Nova versão RoS Mikrotik lançado!

Saudações amigos!


A Mikrotik lançou HOJE uma nova versão estável do seu sistema amplamente usado em seus hardwares embarcados (RouterBoards) e também em alguns servidores (Versões x86 do sistema) corrigindo diversos problemas; segue o ChangeLog


What’s new in 6.39.2 (2017-Jun-6 08:01):

*) 6to4 – fixed wrong IPv6 “link-local” address generation;
*) arp – fixed “make-static”;
*) bonding – do not add bonding interface if “could not set MTU” error is received;
*) bridge – fixed connectivity between bridges when “fast-forward” feature is enabled;
*) conntrack – load IPv6 connection tracking independently from IPv4;
*) console – fixed “No such file or directory” warnings on upgrade reboots;
*) export – removed spare “caller-id-type” value from compact export;
*) fetch – fixed “user” and “password” argument parsing from URL for FTP;
*) firewall – fixed “address-list” entry “creation-time” adjustment to timezone;
*) firewall – do not allow to set “rate” value to 0 for “limit” parameter;
*) firewall – fixed “address-list” entry changing from IP to DNS and vice versa;
*) gps – removed duplicate logs;
*) ike1 – fixed crash on xauth message;
*) ike1 – removed xauth login length limitation;
*) ike2 – fixed rare kernel failure on address acquire;
*) ike2 – fixed situation when traffic selector prefix was parsed incorrectly;
*) ipsec – fixed generated policy priority;
*) ipsec – fixed peer “my-id” address reset;
*) ipsec – renamed “remote-dynamic-address” to “dynamic-address”;
*) ipv6 – fixed address becoming invalid when interface was removed from bridge/mesh;
*) led – fixed turning off LED when interface is lost;
*) lte – improved info channel background polling;
*) lte – improved relialibility on SXT LTE;
*) lte – replaced “user-command” with “at-chat” command;
*) ppp – fixed “change-mss” functionality (introduced in 6.39);
*) ppp – fixed MLPPP over multiple channels/interfaces (introduced in v6.39);
*) ppp – send correct IP address in RADIUS “accounting-stop” messages (introduced in 6.39);
*) pppoe – fixed warning on PPPoE server, when changing interface to non-slave interface;
*) pppoe-client – removed false warning from client interface if it starts running on non-slave interface;
*) pppoe-server – fixed “one-session-per-host” issue where 2 simultaneous sessions were possible from the same host;
*) queue – fixed queuing when at least one child queue has “default-small” and other/s is/are different (introduced in 6.35);
*) quickset – fixed LTE “signal-strength” graphs;
*) sniffer – fixed VLAN tags when sniffing all interfaces;
*) snmp – fixed limited walk;
*) switch – fixed disabling of MAC learning on CRS1xx/CRS2xx;
*) tile – fixed EoIP keepalive when tunnel is made over VLAN interface;
*) tile – fixed rare encryption kernel failure when small packets are processed;
*) traffic-flow – fixed IPFIX IPv6 data reporting;
*) winbox – do not allow to open multiple same sub-menus at the same time;
*) winbox – fixed firewall port selection with Winbox v2;
*) winbox – fixed LTE info button;
*) winbox – removed spare values from “loop-protect” setting for EoIPv6 tunnels;
*) wireless – reduced load on CPU for high speed wireless links;


É sempre recomendado a atualização de seus equipamentos a fim de evitar problemas, falhas de vulnerabilidade e diversos problemas.


Até a próxima!

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